Contrary to popular belief, not all property management companies are created equal. With the housing market now getting back on its feet, everyone is looking to cash in. Nationwide, reports about rental home scams are all the buzz. From unlicensed agents illegally leasing out homes to con artists posing as property management companies, it’s hard.. read more →

Did you know that only 31% of renters in the United States have insurance? That leaves more than two thirds of Americans uninsured against burglary, fires, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Did you also know that renters are 50 percent more likely to experience theft than homeowners? Providing coverage for your personal belongings and valuables.. read more →

Spring is fast approaching and at GA/ATL Property Management, we want to provide you with tips on how to improve home quality and retain housing market value. Whether you’re looking to keep your home cost efficient or boost resale value, routine maintenance and small repairs around the house will ensure that your property stays in top.. read more →